Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Knitting! Huzzah!

I want to start utilizing this blog again. Lately I've been knitting a lot, and slowly saving up for a knitting machine. I'd like to be able to mass produce some of my designs and sell them. I'm going to be posting all of my projects that I have pictures for, and maybe I'll throw in the random book or movie review.

I still don't have a steady paying job, though I am doing a bit of freelance writing online. It unfortunately does not pay as much as I wish it did.

Life, as usual, has been busy. Since I last posted I have moved in with my grandparents. I went from sharing a room with a my little sister to having the full two rooms of the attic to myself. I've set up my bedroom and knitting space in the larger room and made the smaller room into my library/den. I've got all my books, art supplies, and a TV with my video game consoles hooked up to it in the smaller room. I love it. Having a space to call my own is an amazing feeling. I've been living here since August and I feel like myself again. (I keep getting bored and moving furniture around though).

Also, if anyone knows a good place to get a cheap couch in the tri-state area, please leave a comment. ^_^

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  1. Order one from Ikea's website, they have very hip furniture and some of it's pretty decently priced.