Thursday, November 18, 2010

Purple hat

I made this hat over a year ago, it was cold in my dormitory and I wanted something to keep me warm. I used the Couvercle pattern from Knitty. The yarn is Lion Brand Homespun in Barrington. In hind site my yarn choice was a mistake, the hat has a lovely moss stitch pattern, but the homespun yarn doesn't allow for much stitch definition.


  1. It's almost 1 am, I'm browsing Etsy looking for fragrance oils that could be combined to create a scent called "Opium Den" just for the fun of it, eating chips, and seriously contemplating creating a Tumblr account just so I can seek immature instant gratification and talk about Sherlock while the forum is down (if you haven't seen it yet do, seriously)- I need to be stopped!
    Is there a support group for this condition and do I need to join Tumblr to partake in it?

  2. check these out:
    I know they're crochet, not knit, but still- new project for you!

  3. You should totally join tumblr, I adore that site. And Sherlock was brilliant! Loved every moment of that show!