Thursday, June 24, 2010

Romantic Nights

What is better than a picnic with your love? A picnic where you get to see a Shakespearean play while cuddling with your love. My wonderful boyfriend, Richard, took my to see Shakespeare on the Sound. A theater company in CT puts on an outdoor play every Summer. This Summer was Othello, one of my favorite Shakespearean tragedies. We picked up a wonderful dinner at Whole Foods, spread a blanket on the grass, and had the loveliest evening. We had a space right up front, and even got to interact with the actors. Cassio deposited his wine bottle right in front of us, and Iago pretended to hit Richard with it, along with a few other men in the row. I've never seen a live Shakespearean play before, and it's an experience I'd love to repeat many times over.


  1. Othello is one of my favorite tragedies, I can't believe this was your first live Shakespeare! You have been sadly neglected. I'm glad you enjoyed it, many people dislike Shakespeare because you miss so much when only reading it on the page, they are meant to be seen and experienced.
    You experienced it like a groundling, the way hundred of peasants would on the ground in front of the playing space did when the play was first performed. Awesome thought.

  2. ^_^ When Richard told me he had a surprise for me he said we would be spending the night as groundlings. lol The theater company performs there every year, and Richard and I want to make it a tradition to got together.