Monday, January 3, 2011

My brand new workstation.

I spent some time today setting up a work area where I can use my new knitting machine and work on knitting in general. I have the machine set up in the picture, but it comes off the table and is moved to the side neatly so I may also use the space as a desk. All of my knitting supplies, and the majority of my yarn, are next to, under, and on the table. To the far right is my mostly-organized file box of patterns, and to the left I have my humble collection of pattern and stitch books. I haven't had a desk in so long that I'd forgotten how nice it was to have someplace to sit down and work.


  1. Cute! I actually have the same basket and I keep yarn in it too!
    We are secretly twins.
    Have fun with the knitting machine.

  2. I envy you. I have a little draw for active things and then the rest is shoved in a corner. When my dog runs past it, everything falls over..
    (Follow me back please? )