Monday, April 19, 2010


I had the strangest conversation today. My mom called and asked if I had plans to take my Nana to Canada for a couple weeks. Apparently Nana made a comment that she needed to get a passport so she could go with me. The strange thing is...I have no plans to go to Canada, I have never spoken to her about Canada, I don't even have a passport. I have no idea what she is talking about. I'm so confused.


  1. Hmm... don't ask questions if international travel is being offered. Unless your grandmother is senile, then the trip may lose its pleasurability.
    Also, when you stay over for a few days in May, I hope you won't mind the fact that two cats will be occupying the upstairs now.
    Have you seen the new Who yet? You can watch up to the third episode online.

  2. Well, Nana thinks I am taking her to Canada.

    I <3 cats, so it's fine.

    I've seen the first two episodes, I'll probably check out the third later in the week. ^_^ What's you think of them?